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    I’m an Eagle Scout and Republican in Bowie, Maryland. I am unemployed since December 2012. I need a full-time job to support myself. I have been applying for jobs from December 2012 to Present. I want opportunities for it. I dislike Democrats since I don’t trust them, lies, sent the USA back and more. Democrats refused to do their jobs in Congress then we need Republican and USA President should be doing impeach Democrats out of office. I do believe we need to have a term limit in Congress because we need to change Congress with new people to make new laws. We need to move forward the USA to the 21st century using a new green deal with information technology standards for the federal, local and state governments with private sectors to the public.

    I do trust Republicans because we think Republicans want to move forward to fixed our federal government. I strongly agree with our 2nd amendment to bear arms with guns to protect ourselves. I think 2nd amendment laws need to be changed in Congress to protect our people in the USA from bad people. I will only vote for Republican as USA President. I’m just Trump supporter. My first time to vote for Donald Trump as USA President in 2016. I will vote for Trump again in 2020. I do believe Trump’s vision to change the federal government and make history.